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Cheek, chin and jawline enhancement

Has age left you with sunken cheeks? Are you looking for more definition in your chin? Facial implants might be the ticket to the look you desire.

Chin implants (mentoplasty)

Chin surgery, also known as mentoplasty, is surgery to reshape the chin either by adding an implant or by reducing the size of the bone. Chin surgery is often done along with nose surgery so the chin and the nose stay in proportion.

This surgery can also help enhance or better define your jawline.

Cheek implants

As we age, our faces lose fullness. Sunken cheeks can make you look tired, and can make other facial features like your nose look out of proportion. Cheek enhancement procedures can add fullness back to your face, restoring a more youthful appearance. Or, if you have always had small cheekbones, cheek implants can help better define them.

Cheek implants can also be used to restore or create symmetry between the cheeks.

What to expect during facial implant surgery

Incisions for chin implants are typically made under the chin or inside the mouth. Incisions for cheek implants can generally be located inside the mouth. Once the area heals, the implant feels just like your underlying bone structure.

General or local anesthesia will be used during your procedure. Any pain after the surgery can be handled with pain medication. 

Your procedure could take two hours or longer, depending on how complicated it is. 

What to expect after facial implant surgery

You should expect pain and bruising after your surgery, including soreness in your mouth if that is where your incisions were made. Mouth incisions might also require a soft diet after surgery. You might need to wear compression bandages to keep implants in place for a short time. You should not lie flat for up to a week after surgery. Stitches will be removed or dissolve after five to ten days. 

Most patients can resume work or school within a week. You should wait a month to six weeks to resume strenuous exercise. 

The effects of facial implants are permanent.

Facial implant surgery side effects and risks

The risks of facial implant surgery are minimal, but can include unfavorable scarring, excessive bleeding, infection and contour abnormalities if implants shift. If implants move or fracture, follow-up surgery might be necessary.



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