Neck Lift Surgery

What is a neck lift?

If you have excess skin or excess fat, or lack fullness in your neck, a neck lift can help improve your appearance. A neck lift can involve removing excess skin or fat, or even adding Botox as a filler to plump up the neck.

What to expect after neck lift surgery

After a neck lift, you will be drowsy due to anesthesia. Have someone to drive you home after the surgery and care for you for a couple days if needed. You can return to work after one to two weeks. You will need to refrain from intense physical activity for a few weeks after surgery while your neck heals, and swelling and bruising subside.

After initial swelling and bruising goes away, you will be left with a revitalized, younger-looking neck!

Neck lift side effects and risks

Swelling and bruising, along with feelings of tightness, numbness or burning are normal after surgery. The risk of infection or other side effects is small, but infections are possible. If you have any concerns after your surgery, call our office.